Forrester Consulting Case Study on Database Security & Compliance (with ROI Analysis)
Presented by Guardium
This commissioned Forrester Consulting case study describes how a F500 company:
  • Simplified database monitoring for SOX without performance impact or database changes.
  • Reduced DBA effort with automated reporting and an appliance-based solution (self-contained storage, preconfigured applications, SOX reports, embedded DBMS, etc.).
  • Captures all activities (DDL, DML, DCL, failed logins, bind values, local access, etc.).
  • Created a single set of audit policies and audit repository for all platforms (Oracle, SQL Server, IBM DB2) accessed via Siebel, SAP and 22 other financial systems.
  • Provides real-time security for unauthorized changes including data updates.
  • Delivered 239% ROI and 5.9 months payback compared to homegrown scripts using native logging/auditing.
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